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Smiling Wisdom Dog Deer Dragon Leopard- 4 Totem Spirit Animal Card Gifts – Children’s Birthday, Holiday Favors – Animals Friendship Bracelet Pack – Boys, Girls, Tween, Teen – Multi-colored

PACKAGE CONTAINS – Four friendship bracelets with corresponding animal card and matching bracelet bead, four pillow boxes with sticker. Packaged in transparent blue 6″ x 8.5″ button bag. This set is a LABOR OF LOVE! Many hours went into the production of this set. We hope you love them as much as we do. — Smiling Wisdom was created to help others find the words to make better connections with friends and family. Its mission is about giving something away, touching someone’s heart and inspiring others-for no reason at all. Each product is designed by the owner, an artisan who puts her words and artistry together with heart and mindfulness. Each gift is about bringing joy to someone important in your life. The messages are encouraging, compassionate and heartfelt. The beautiful packaging is a big part of the overall experience. If your heart is touched, you have feedback or inspiration-we’d love to hear from you. A Totem is the Spirit Animal that a person is drawn to. Identifying with the animal’s qualities, behaviors, and characteristics are generally the attraction. Often people are attracted to animals like themselves or the “self” they desire to become. Native American tradition believes that each person is connected with nine different animals that will act as guides through life.  These animals come into your life depending on the direction and challenges that come about and are with you through life.   The Spirit Animal Guides are grouped by their natural habitats (Land, Bird, Water, Reptile or Insect). Each animal helps us gain insights. Observing and understanding the animals survival behaviors will help you apply the characteristics and will help you learn and grow.   There are four types of animal guides. These animals appear when the situation requires guidance and remain until the decision or journey is complete.    The back of the cards lists the types of guides.
FRIENDSHIP TOTEM SPIRIT ANIMAL CARDS – 3.5×2 inches. Ultra thick, glossy coated. Printed and made in USA. The animal images were painted by a young 11 year old juvenile artist.
FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS – Handmade neutral camouflage colored bracelets, 11.5-12 inches, adjustable, with animal bead (dog, deer, leopard and dragon) to thread through bracelet or closing strings. The dragon bead has been upgraded, but some packages may include 2 dragon versions. Friendship bracelets are meant to stay on for months.
GIFTS and USES – Great boy and girl gifts. Birthday party favors, Holiday gifts, Valentines, classroom prizes, morale events, Eater baskets, stocking stuffers, in Easter plastic eggs, or anytime friendship gifts. A touching gift to highlight a person’s qualities and provide a touch of inspiration in their life.
ANIMAL GREETING MESSAGE – Dragon: Peaceful Warrior, Leopard: Patient and Persistent, Deer: Unconditional Love, Dog: Loyal and Adventurous. Longer description of each animal on the back of each card.
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