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Lots of Chocolate Easter Basket for Kids and Adults – Chocolate Scented Stuffed Bunny – Fun Easter Activity Basket Stuffers – Loaded with Real Solid Chocolate Easter Basket Stuffers – Boys and Girls!

Highest Quality Easter Candies and Easter Gifts are basket stuffers for this impressive Easter Gift Basket!

Makes a high wonderful gift for toddlers, kids – boys and girls – adults, teens and college students.


Brightly Colored Plush Easter Bunny with Matching Basket

Bubble Blowing Bubble Bottle

Delightful Cupcake Pen

Lip Smacker Bunny Nose

Burlap Bunny Bag filled with Chocolate Treats

High Quality Milk Chocolate Bunny – Russel Stover’s Chocolate

Giant Size Dove Chocolate Bar

Full Size Kit Kat Bar

Two Long Handled Easter Suckers

Three Hershey’s Fun Size Candy Bars

Two Chocolate Carrots

Multiple Gold Foil Wrapped Chocolate Easter Eggs

Brach’s Jelly Beans

Tootsie Rolls

Reusable Wicker Easter Basket in one of 4 Colors


Enjoy the  Easter morning surprise of your child with this chocolate filled basket premade with Easter basket accessories that everyone wants!  We don’t stuff your basket with Easter grass to make up for no Easter Basket candy!  There is barely any room for Easter basket filler with the massive amount of high quality Easter Basket candy and Easter activity items, making Easter basket personalized feeling!.  



Not Recommended for Children under 3 years of age.  Use with adult supervision.  Slime is non-toxic but should not be eaten



HIGH QUALITY REAL CHOCOLATE TREATS – Dove Chocolate, Russell Stovers, Nestle and Hersheys – Not “chocolatey flavored” – real chocolate. Great care was given choosing high quality products for our Easter Basket for Adults, boys and girls. Only the freshest candy and products were chosen for this easter candy basket with Easter gifts for girls and Easter gifts for boys. Peeps, Chocolate Easter Eggs, Easter eggs, Tootsie Rolls, Laffy Taffy, hard candy, chocolate marshmallow eggs treats
50% MORE TREATS AND CANDY – Our stuffed Easter basket has 50% more candy and treats! Not only did we choose only the freshest candy available, we filled the Easter gift basket for boys to the brim with easter basket stuffers! Easter decorations the basket while the easter basket stuffers, easter candy individually wrapped for freshness, easter chocolate, easter eggs and easter present complete the accessories. Add Easter eggs filled with toys for a more personalized gift, but perfect as it is.
CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE AND CHOCOLATE – Ok, there is more than just real high quality easter chocolate treats in this prefilled Easter basket! There are easter surprises, Easter basket fillers like Easter activity bubbles and lip smackers for kids or adult fun. Brach’s jelly beans (jelly bird eggs), Easter basket animals that smell like chocolate! Dove chocolate, Hershey, peanuts in Mr.Goodbar chocolate easter basket eggs. This Easter basket ideas are stuffed easter basket already made.
LOTS OF TOYS AND TREATS IN A REUSABLE BAMBOO BASKET- Choose from four brightly colored plush bunnies. Take notes with the unique cupcake pen. Blow bubbles with Easter Bubbles. Giggle with the Lip Smacker Bunny Nose! Enjoy a DIY slime day with Easter Slime! Fruit Slime Easter Gift with slime duck and slime container. Your child will have a great time with colored slime. Adults also have fun with duck slime easter gift basket. Enjoy our easter basket prefilled with high quality easter egg stuffers
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! You or your loved one will LOVE this Easter Gift Basket or we will give you a full refund! Have no fear – you are purchasing a high quality gift basket with more candy and treats than any of our competitors. Purchase with confidence knowing that your loved one will have a wonderful holiday treat or a full refund! You will love the look on their face when they open their Easter Basket already made! Look no more for Easter ideas, our basket organizers handled it! Relax!



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