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LED ChatPad for Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox X Controllers Black Keyboard – Wireless & Backlit

Time To Upgrade Your Xbox Controller!

We present you with the backlit wireless keyboard, a slim, stylish, high tech looking keyboard for your controller! It doesn’t matter if you have the Xbox One, the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X console. You can now upgrade it and make your gaming experience easier and more fun.

Play With Your Xbox All Night Long!

You love playing with your Xbox, and we don’t blame you. In fact, we know the thrill and want to help you feel that excitement any time of the day – or night! That’s why we’ve designed our wireless keyboard with LED keys! Every single key of the keyboard is bright during the night or when the light in the room is low. The wireless keyboard is small, so your thumbs can reach all of the keys and, thanks to the LED lights, you can use the backlit keyboard during the night!

No More Annoying Tangling Wires!

The backlit Xbox keyboard is wireless and you won’t need any extra cords to connect it to your controller. However, at the same time, you will still have full access to the functionality of controller and headphone jack. [TO USE A 3.5MM HEADSET, YOUR CONTROLLER MUST HAVE A 3.5MM INPUT] The LED wireless Xbox keyboard has a built-in 200mah Li-ion battery that is very powerful and durable.

Don’t Hold Back Any Longer!

We know that you want the backlit wireless keyboard for Xbox controllers, but something is holding you back. We’re about to make all of your doubts disappear, with our 1 year satisfaction warranty.

FITS ALL XBOX ONE CONTROLLERS: The miniature backlit keyboard has all the keys of regular keyboards, but it is small enough to fit between the handles of your Xbox controllers.
INSTALL IT WITHIN SECONDS: There are no cords and wires that you need to connect. All you have to do is place the backlit keyboard between the handles of the controller. Type anything you want while playing at the same time. It’s unbelievably convenient!
COOL BACKLIT DESIGN: The LED design of the controller keyboard illuminates the keys on the keyboard so that you can see them during the night or in low light environments.
TEXT AND CHAT WITH YOUR FRIENDS: The small backlit keyboard has the perfect size so that you can reach all keys with your thumbs while holding the Xbox controller in your hands.
GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: we offer you a 1 year warranty. This is a 100% risk-free purchase!


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